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Passing the Time

April 11, 2006

Yeah, no blogs in a while. Haven’t had much to say that’s profound lately. Well, there was this one day that I had a really deep thought… but then I lost it. Oh, well.

The fellowship that I’m a part of is taking a break from meeting for a while. When you’re not stuck in a ritual (or you’re trying to avoid becoming so) you can do that once in a while. This got me to thinking… What can a person do when his or her church is “on a break”?

Top Ten Things to Do When Your Church is on a Break

1. Rest.

2. Write new songs.

3. Read a few good books. Maybe ones you’ve never read before.

4. Spend time just hanging out with brothers and sisters in the church. Eat together. Watch movies together. Whatever.

5. Read the New Testament.

6. Or don’t.

7. Exercise.

8. Spend some time with the Lord, rediscovering your individual relationship with Him.

9. Visit other fellowships and see what’s going on there.

10. Got any more suggestions? Post them below!


Another thing you could do is spend way too much time on the internet by installing the StumbleUpon button in Firefox (thanks Jeremy!).

That’s how I came upon this:

Even the short credits at the end cracked me up.