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Making Jill-o-Lanterns

October 31, 2009

Aahh, pumpkin time.  What other time of the year will two little girls willingly stick their hands into a gooey slippery mess and smile about it?



This year we had a Mama pumpkin and a baby pumpkin.  The girls always sketch out the design and I do the cutting.  They do the gutting these days.


Always fun celebrating what one of the girls’ classmates calls “Satan’s Birthday.”

The pumpkin gutting has become quite the family tradition.  I clicked around on the old hard drive and found this little gem from six years ago.


I don’t care what the pagan origins of this holiday are.  It’s just fun.


First Day of School, First Broken Arm

August 9, 2009

The three older girls had their first day of school this week. So here’s our annual first day of school pic:

We also went to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to get a for-real cast put on Dorothy’s broken arm. We decided Dora needed a cast, too. So now she’s got one (you have to look close!) That Dorothy still loves her tongue!

You have to admit, she does look really cute walking around with that tiny little sling. People everywhere involuntarily say “aawwwww” wherever she goes.

Long Evening at the Carter House

August 4, 2009

Our toddler, Dorothy, gives me fits these days because she’s always on the verge of something dangerous. I’m not even sure how she worked this one out, but she got up on our piano bench when our backs were turned and she fell off, apparently twisting her arm and breaking it.

Her sisters were pretty concerned as we hauled her off to the doctor and then to the emergency room. But thankfully their grandparents had just arrived in town, so we had help with the older three while April and I were at the hospital.

It was a tough evening, but all’s well that ends well. Dorothy got some supper (at 9:30pm!) and sat with Grandmama watching her new favorite show, Dora.

I’m going to sleep.