Making Jill-o-Lanterns

Aahh, pumpkin time.  What other time of the year will two little girls willingly stick their hands into a gooey slippery mess and smile about it?



This year we had a Mama pumpkin and a baby pumpkin.  The girls always sketch out the design and I do the cutting.  They do the gutting these days.


Always fun celebrating what one of the girls’ classmates calls “Satan’s Birthday.”

The pumpkin gutting has become quite the family tradition.  I clicked around on the old hard drive and found this little gem from six years ago.


I don’t care what the pagan origins of this holiday are.  It’s just fun.


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2 Responses to “Making Jill-o-Lanterns”

  1. brotherjohnny Says:


    It’s a good thing to not be ruled by superstition, isn’t it?
    The origins of everything are in God first. Who cares what kind of meaning a bunch of pagan’s attributed to a certain day or why they practiced the rituals they did?

    I don’t think that my kids are practicing anything “satanic” by playing dress up and asking for candy.

    If the holiday is evil because of it’s ‘pagan origins’ then I’m afraid there is a WHOLE lot of other stuff that is equally as evil in our culture….with SPORTS (America’s golden calf pastime) being at the top of the list.

    “… all things are pure.” No offense to anyone reading.

  2. cindyinsd Says:

    Very cute, adorable little girls. My “little one” is 17 and we just had a big Halloween party for her friends last night. I do think it’s possible to get into the dark side of Halloween, but like all things in life, this is a judgment call. Grace may make all things pure, yet not all things are profitable. We have to use discretion, both in the permitting of “fun” that might not be in our best interest, and in the forbidding of fun, which forbidding also may not be in our (or our kids’) best interest.

    Anyway–my thoughts. Have been enjoying your blog, and happy Trick-or-Treating tonight. 🙂


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