A Day in the Life

clockIf  you noticed the pause in blog entries, it’s because my grandmother passed away last week and I’ve been out of pocket and pretty busy.  She was 91 and lived a full life.  I’ll probably write some stuff about her passing, and about the funeral, another day.  For today, I think I would rather try something different.

One of the reasons people read blogs is to sample the lives of other people.  We live pretty disconnected lives these days, and Facebook, email, and blogs give us a way to be connected to people.  We don’t even have to know the other person well.  It somehow soothes the loneliness to get to peek into the mind and experience of another person, whether you know them or not.  Of course, I’d rather taste real community, which is far better than virtual community.  But in the absence of the real thing, I guess we’ll deal with the digital kind for the time being.

Wanna walk in my shoes for a day?  Here’s a blow-by-blow itinerary from my day today.  It’s not necessarily a typical day, but then I’m not sure what one of those looks like anyway.  So here is my day today:

5:15am   Wake up.
5:20   Stretch for a half hour or so.
6:00am   Run two miles around my neighborhood.
6:30   Stretch some more, push ups, etc.
6:45    Wake up the rest of the family, take shower.
7:15am   Eat Breakfast, brush teeth, etc.
7:40   Take the kids to school, drive to work.
8:00am   Get to work, check email, walk to trailers for first period (9th grade Math).
8:30   Discipline that one kid for the 18th time this month, warn several others.
9:35am   Listen to co-teacher gripe again about how much he hates his job.
10:05   Planning period begins, check email, file some paperwork.
10:15   Sign out to leave campus…tracking down lost cell phone.
10:45   Go home to caulk leaky external wall affected by last month’s flood.
11:30am   Figure out where cell phone is thanks to April’s help.
11:35   Stop by carpet outlet where cell phone fell out while I was buying replacement padding from flood.
Noon   Back to work to scarf down lunch.
12:15pm   Third period: attempt to teach Algebra to a room of guys with behavior disorders. Fail miserably.
1:45pm   Back to trailers for fourth period (9th Math again) for more of what I had first period.
3:25pm   Corral swim team members in student parking lot and carpool to swim practice, 5 miles away.
4:00pm   Coach swim practice. Most of the new swimmers don’t know any of the strokes 😦
5:15pm   Dismiss swim practice, swim a mile or so, shower and head home.
6:15pm   Pick up three of four daughters from home and drive to Marietta.
7:00pm    Honors Chorus performance for my 5th grader.
8:00pm Drive back home with all four girls and get them ready for bed (make snacks, brush teeth, etc).
8:30pm   Read stories, put the older three to bed (this can take up to an hour).
9:00pm   Sing to the toddler for 15 minutes or so and put her to bed.
9:30pm   April comes home from teaching night class for Mercer University.
10:00pm   Hang out with April, watch the news, catch up on the day.
11:00pm   Bed time. Maybe.

Sounds kinda crazy when you type it all into one place, doesn’t it? I guess it is a little crazy. The amazing thing is that we intentionally avoid signing our girls up for many extracurricular activities because we don’t like being stretched so many directions that we get overly tired, stressed, or whatever. But somehow stuff demands our time anyway. Kids still need braces. They fall down and break an arm. A grandmother dies and we have to leave town for several days. Someone gets sick. I lose my cell phone. It floods and we have to replace some padding under the living room carpet. Our oldest gets picked to sing with the Honors Chorus. You just can’t keep these kinds of things from happening, can you?

So the day gets busy. Leisure really isn’t in my vocabulary these days. Some people go to movies when they come out, or take vacations, or eat at a restaurant every so often. My wife and I spend our time raising kids and working. That doesn’t leave time for much else. We go to a Baptist church now, too, so you can add Choir, Bible Drill, Sunday School, etc. Not sure if I would call those leisure, though.

Well, there’s A Day in the Life of me. Now you’ve sampled my life. I’ll bet yours is interesting, too. Write it out just for fun and post me a link or something.



One Response to “A Day in the Life”

  1. Richard Says:


    Thanks for the window into the day and life of Neil and fam..very cool! 🙂

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