Life Intrudes, and So Does Weed

No post about Nine Marks today.  You see, I have this thing called a “job” and I’m pretty thankful to have it.  The thing is, I have to do stuff for this job, so sometimes I don’t have time to really blog.

Yesterday one of my students got pulled from class because he started a fist fight before class.  When asked for a witness to his version of the story, he named another kid from my class, so they pulled him, too.  Problem for him was, he had six bags of marijuana hidden (somewhere on his person, I assume).  So I don’t think I’ll be seeing that student for a long time.

There aren’t many things that can get you expelled from school anymore.  Even things they say they have “zero tolerance” for really don’t mean much in the end.  I had a kid bring a gun to my classroom a couple of years ago.  We realized later that it was a pellet gun, but it sure looked like a serious weapon.  That student was gone for a little while, but a few weeks later he was right back in my classroom.  So it’s hard to get thrown out of public school these days.  I am told that dealing weed will get you thrown out for good.  We’ll see.

I was trying to get that student to understand Algebra.  It was an uphill battle since he had already failed the class twice before, but I figure he still had some hope for getting it.  Unless he gets a cellmate who knows how to distribute polynomials, I’m guessing he’s lost his chance now.  Really sad when you think about it.  So I’m just not going to think about it.  Fiddledeedee.


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