New Book Look, New Blog Location

Two announcements for anyone following what I post these days:

1. New book revision on the way! I’ve had plenty to think about the last few months, so of course there’s lots to write about. The new version of Christ In Y’all is about 40 pages longer, has a new chapter, and represents an updated version of how I’m thinking about things these days. Check out the cover design Brad Thomas came up with for me:


Pretty cool, huh? Looks professional now. A bit less homemade 🙂

2. I’m moving my blog to WordPress (as you can see here), so from now on you’ll need to access this blog from this site.


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3 Responses to “New Book Look, New Blog Location”

  1. Identity33 Blog | Thoughts on Graphic Design and Christianity by Brad Thomas Says:

    […] the cover, I also created a new header image (above) for the clients’ website and blog. The new vector-based design also translates well into a logo/icon for other print and web […]

  2. brotherjohnny Says:

    Do you plan to post the new chapter online?

  3. zoecarnate Says:

    Neil’s new version is available for free eBook download here:

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