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Busy, busy, busy

August 31, 2009

If you’ve noticed that I haven’t blogged lately, it’s because life hasn’t afforded me the time lately.

At work, we’ve got overcrowded classes, since the economy forced our school system to reduce the workforce by quite a few heads. Some days we have more kids than we have seats, and every class has at least two or three unruly kids making life hard for everyone else. Their parents aren’t much help, of course, because the students causing us the most difficulty don’t even have reliable people at home to contact. The law won’t allow us to remove the problem students from the class, so we’re stuck with things as they are. Most of my energy at work these days goes towards managing behavior and noise (which is a losing battle at the moment).

At home, I’m discovering just how much it takes to raise four human beings (don’t know how people manage to raise more than that!). First the 23 month old falls off a piano bench and breaks her arm. That requires regular trips across Atlanta for casts, slings, etc. Then the 10 year old needs regular trips across town (or across state lines!) for orthodontic procedures (which thankfully are done by people giving us financial breaks left and right). Then the 8 year old gets a toothache and needs a tooth pulled. I could go on, of course, but it would bore most anyone with a pulse. Besides, anyone raising children of their own can top anything I’ve got to report.

The bottom line for me is that I don’t have time to blog deep things these days. I still owe anyone who reads this a final summary of what I gleaned from my trip to Ohio. It’s on the way, still. Be patient with me, please.


New Book Look, New Blog Location

August 18, 2009

Two announcements for anyone following what I post these days:

1. New book revision on the way! I’ve had plenty to think about the last few months, so of course there’s lots to write about. The new version of Christ In Y’all is about 40 pages longer, has a new chapter, and represents an updated version of how I’m thinking about things these days. Check out the cover design Brad Thomas came up with for me:


Pretty cool, huh? Looks professional now. A bit less homemade 🙂

2. I’m moving my blog to WordPress (as you can see here), so from now on you’ll need to access this blog from this site.

First Day of School, First Broken Arm

August 9, 2009

The three older girls had their first day of school this week. So here’s our annual first day of school pic:

We also went to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to get a for-real cast put on Dorothy’s broken arm. We decided Dora needed a cast, too. So now she’s got one (you have to look close!) That Dorothy still loves her tongue!

You have to admit, she does look really cute walking around with that tiny little sling. People everywhere involuntarily say “aawwwww” wherever she goes.

Long Evening at the Carter House

August 4, 2009

Our toddler, Dorothy, gives me fits these days because she’s always on the verge of something dangerous. I’m not even sure how she worked this one out, but she got up on our piano bench when our backs were turned and she fell off, apparently twisting her arm and breaking it.

Her sisters were pretty concerned as we hauled her off to the doctor and then to the emergency room. But thankfully their grandparents had just arrived in town, so we had help with the older three while April and I were at the hospital.

It was a tough evening, but all’s well that ends well. Dorothy got some supper (at 9:30pm!) and sat with Grandmama watching her new favorite show, Dora.

I’m going to sleep.