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Ahh, Summer…

July 27, 2007

Number 253 fun thing to do in the summer:

Silly string fight.

I don’t exactly know how we ended up with six cans of silly string this summer, but after doing an extreme makeover of our entire storage system in our house, we ended up with something fun to do.

You can’t tell from the picture, but I actually WON this fight. The girls took off their stringy bits before snapping this shot. The game ended with a Decorate-the-Daddy party.

Man, these summers go fast. I logged 5,000 miles driving this summer. Our trusty Dodge Caravan had to make four trips to Mississippi and one to West Virginia. Whew! In the meantime we enclosed our carport and made a new living room/meeting room. I’ll blog about that later, cause I’m just sure that’s what you’ve really logged on to read about today 😉

Till then, I hope you’re summer’s going well, and I’ll try to write more and catch up soon.


Father Abraham… had many sons…

July 9, 2007

It’s amazing to me that more film makers haven’t picked up the story of Abraham. He is the founding father of the three largest world religions, yet I couldn’t find a single movie about him anywhere last week. I had been asked to share about his story for last night’s meeting, but I couldn’t scrape together anything visual. So I did what you would have done. I went out and got an Abraham costume.

I discovered three things during this process.

1. My Arabic accent really sounds more Russian than anything else. Like a Russian who clears his throat alot when pronouncing his H’s.

2. Abraham knew God apart from the Law, since the Law didn’t come until hundreds of years later. And…

3. He misinterpreted God’s plans as often and as badly as I do.

I always feel better when I read Abraham’s story, or any of his kids for that matter. They were so screwed up. But God blessed them anyway. He showed so much patience. Despite their doubt. Despite their conniving. Despite their attempting to wiggle their way out of hard stuff. He kept them to His own plans and Life resulted.

I need that kind of grace.

Oh yeah, I also learned that spirit gum is not something you buy at a National Booksellers Convention. It’s the sticky gooey stuff you paste to your face to hold on your beard.