Life’s too short to chase shiny things

Allow me to give you a piece of advice, grasshopper. Life’s too short to chase shiny things. By shiny things I mean the things you think you want: a big house, a nice car, nice clothes, white teeth, six-pack abs, bling-bling, or the latest gadget. I’ve got news for you: it gets old. Whatever it is, it will break, or rust, or just lose its appeal in a short matter of time. Maybe it’s less tangible, like the best job, or some coveted social status, whatever. It’s not going to do for you what you think it will do. Let me illustrate.

I know a millionare. He’s over forty and still good-looking. He’s got a perfect smile, a winsome personality, good hair, two or three gigantic houses, several hunting camps, and who knows what else. He’s married to one of the most beautiful women you’ll ever meet and has four of the most physically perfect children a person could ask for. He’s also a deacon at a megachurch. And last I checked, his wife was asking for a divorce. In fact, if I recall the details, they have quite a miserable tug of war going on right now.

I also know another guy. He makes such a puny salary that last year he had to sign his kids up for Medicaid. He doesn’t own many nice things. He can’t afford to take his wife to really nice restaurants or on vacations . . . in fact he doesn’t really make enough to afford the babysitting required to take her out much. Which reminds me: He has three of the most beautiful, intelligent, entertaining little girls you’ll ever meet, and a wife who can set him straight with one glance from her piercing blue eyes. And you know what? He’s really happy. I mean he’s contented with life at a deep, deep level. Aside from wishing he was four inches thinner around the waist, this guy has a level of satisfaction with life that most guys just dream about.

What I’m trying to say is that you can really enjoy a life that is invested in things that matter. Why pour hour upon hour, week after week, serving extra time on business objectives or some other chimera when you might have someone (or several someones) to whom you are the greatest hero in the world . . . just by being around. One of my favorite movie moments is the one in Frequency (starring Jim Caviezel and Dennis Quaid) once the main character gets his dad back. He has restored to himself a fortress of strength that will change his life forever. That’s what a dad (or mom) can do for a child. I can imagine few more worthwhile adventures than that one.

Do you realize that everything you work at day after day could be gone in a flash? Even your own life is little more than a vapor on this tiny little planet. Like I said, Life’s just too short to chase shiny things. They really don’t do it for you, anyway. Find something bigger than yourself to worry about. You’ll be way better off.

Coincidentally, after I wrote this I came across this article from a financial advisor online. Check it out.


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