Busy Dad starts blog with "spare time."

What does a thirty-ish dad with three small kids, a wife, and a job do with his non-existent free time? Start a blog, of course! Why not?

What interests me with the whole blog phenomenon is the fact that people from every corner of the globe, from multiple slices of society, choose to post their deepest thoughts and mental ramblings onto a completely public forum. Now some guy in Bangladesh can see into my inner soul. But do I need that? Does HE need that? What makes this a worthwhile activity for people with lives, families, jobs, and hobbies?

We must be very lonely. Why else would hundreds of thousands of people spend hours each week reading about what concert a teenager in Milwaukee just went to, and who she kissed? Or why allow yourself to be dragged into the mental chaos of some 45 year-old man’s midlife crisis? We must be very, very lonely.

If Tom Hanks’ character on “Cast Away” felt the need to personify a volley ball while stranded on a desert island, I figure millions of people around the globe feel the need to spill their guts to complete strangers on the other side of a glowing computer screen. Interesting.

So why not wade into the pool? I’m game. Fact is, I’ve got a thing or two to say, anyway. People sitting across from me at the lunch table may not be that interested in what I have to say, but you might. And of course, if you don’t like what I have to say, you’re just a click away from turning me off. Now that’s a pretty cool concept. If only real conversation worked that way . . .

Until next time.


2 Responses to “Busy Dad starts blog with "spare time."”

  1. Sara without an H Says:

    i never thought about it that way. posting deep thoughts for someone in turkey because we’re lonely. it’s true though. for most of us. since my blog isn’t personal. but my friends’ are. =] keep posting.

  2. Lorna Says:

    Neil, I don’t write because I’m lonely—I write because I have to. Without the internet, I’d have worn my fingers and several purple fineline markers to a nub. Maybe there are lonely people writing and reading out there, but I’m sure more are exhibitionists and diarists and share-too-muchers. Depending on the day, I’ve been all of those, and a voyeur as well, but mostly I write to find out who I am and what I think, and I read to find out the same about other people. I’m going to put you in my favourites and see how your intriguing perspective pans out.

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